Sometimes, I cry

Okay, that title is misleading. I ALWAYS cry. When I finish a good book at least. Whether the ending is sad or joyful, a stream of tears always runs down my cheek. Am I only one?! God I hope not…


Sooner Rather Than Later

Sooner Rather Than Later, we will all be gone from these halls.

Those dreams of being High School Graduates will soon become realities.

Sooner Rather Than Later, everything is going to change.

No longer will we be Dumb High Schoolers, we will be Educated College Students.

Sooner Rather Than Later, we will say goodbye.

Goodbye to friends and teachers, goodbye to youth.

Sooner Rather Than Later, we will have to grow up.

And the Sooner that comes, the Later we want it to be.


20 Facts About Me

1. I was born at 11:24 am March 6th, 1996.

2. I was bald until I was 3. Everyone thought I was a boy.

3. I have 2 brothers.

4. My favorite movie is Titanic.

5. My favorite color is orange.

6. My favorite flower is orange roses or red poppies.

7. I’m obsessed with tea.

8. I love water.

9. I love cats.

10. My shoe size is 8.5.

11. I’m outspoken.

12. I hate raisins.

13. I could drink a gallon of milk a day.

14. I am terrified of birds.

15. I’m also terrified of masks.

16. I think llamas are the cutest things ever.

17. I like pizza a lot.

18. I have a tattoo.

19. I have terrible allergies.

20. I love sleep.


Say Your Goodbyes

I’m absolutely terrible with goodbyes. Especially when it comes to saying goodbye to things, or people, I love. The night before Jayd left for college, we stood in my driveway crying and holding each other for a good 10 minutes. Then, when she got home, she called me, and we cried on the phone together for another 15 minutes. At the Class of 2013’s graduation, I cried harder than any of the graduates, because all my best friends were leaving me alone for my senior year, and I wasn’t ready for our time in high school together to be over. When I was in 6th grade, and I left for Outdoor School, I cried the whole 2 hours bus ride there. Then, 5 days later, when it was time for me to go back home, I cried the whole 2 hour bus ride home. But I’ve realized that the hardest goodbye I will ever have to say will be this year. I have to say goodbye to the place that helped me make the best friends anyone could ever have. The place that blossomed so many memories. So much laughter, so much heartbreak. It was here in Hockinson High School that I received the call that my grandma had died. It was here in this high school that I was the new kid for the last time. It was here that I had my last first day, and here in this high school that I will have my last last day. Here I met so many amazing people. I grew up here, I matured here. Don’t get me wrong, I’m ready to leave this place and move on to the next chapter in my life, but this just might be the one of the hardest goodbyes I will ever have to endure. I will miss this place, and all the people in it. I will miss Hockinson High School.



I’ve been playing around with poetry a little bit, and I am slowly but surely becoming more confident with it. I’m figuring out rhyme scheme, and how to format poems. I’ve realized that I do edit my work a lot. Maybe a lot more than I should, and I find myself starting over on almost every piece of poetry I write. I find something incredibly wrong every time I start or get half way through a poem. I guess being an OCD crazed perfectionist pays off sometimes, and other times not so much. Anyways, I’m starting to really enjoy poetry, and I think everything we’ve been doing with it is really benefitting me. I also really like the poetry read aloud thing we had, a lot more than the poetry slam we did. I feel much more comfortable when it isn’t forced, and when we don’t have to stand up in front of everyone and recite. Hopefully we can keep going with the poetry until the end of school, because I really am having a good time with it. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll be the Poet Laureate! 😉


October 30th

You are everywhere.

I feel you, all around.

You are on my mind, in my heart.

The decision you made

Will I ever understand?

Why you did what you did

One shot, you were gone

One second here, the next, a memory.

Nothing but a memory.

The suffrage you felt.

Why didn’t I help?

Why didn’t you tell me?

Ashes in the wind,

That is what you are now.

Never again will I see your smile

Or feel your sweet embrace.

The time is now

To say goodbye.

Until next time, Moose.



The Start of Something New

keep calm class of 2014


Today marks the first day of our last semester of our high school lives.. Wow, I’m terrified. I have butterflies in my stomach, and my heart hurts thinking about it. So far, Senior year is proving to be as amazing as everyone lets on. I love how close I have become with certain people I could have never seen myself being friends with, and I am happy to be growing closer to our class. All of my high school life, I have never really had that many friends from our grade, my friends were mostly in the grades ahead of me. When my best friends graduated last year, I was so nervous for this year. I kept thinking to myself, “Without Jayd, Cassie, and Dominic, what will I be?” and the thought of being in school without them terrified me. They kept telling me, “You’ll make new friends, you’ll get closer with your class, Senior year will be amazing!” and I never believed them. But now, I am happy as ever to have had the opportunity to be close with you all. I am actually really upset that I had to wait to be almost graduated before I opened myself up to you all, and found out who you really are, and got the chance to know you. I am so proud to be apart of the Class of 2014! Even though I didn’t actually grow up here, I matured in Hockinson, with all of you. And I love you all so much. So, can we please make the rest of our year count!? GO HAWKS!